“Arya got phobia of going to school back when we
were in Turkey because she’s discriminated
against for speaking English rather than Turkish.
It was the right decision moving back to the
Philippines. I want Arya to experience her
childhood in the Philippines like myself since I
grew up in the Philippines. We are thankful for
Goducate Academy, because we have seen Arya’s
complete change. Here in (Goducate Academy)
when zoom class is about to end, Arya cries
because she doesn’t want it to end, compared
back in Turkey, it was really totally different!”

-Mommy Eunice


“During the weekend, we do advanced lesson for
the next week because I’m busy – working mom –
during weekdays. What I usually do, is I already
prepared all her video lessons to be played during
weekdays, so she can watch (learn) even without
my supervision. My daughter is very active before
bedtime, so during this time, we can do a review
of lessons i.e. reading…etc.”

– Mommy She Ann


“I thank Goducate Academy for this program
because it’s very convenient for me since it’s a
school just in our home. Not only my son is
learning but also I myself is learning a lot too.
There are spiritual aspects of learning too which is
also very important as well.”

– Mommy Jen


“Before Goducate Academy, we usually bought ABC books & flashcards for her to learn, but I thank Goducate Academy for the guided learning that is very helpful to myself and my daughter especially the activities of doing household chores. Now I can see that my daughter is enjoying it. It’s not just my daughter who is learning but I myself is learning too. As advice to mothers let’s be patient with our kids, and don’t limit them on what they can do.”

– Mommy Joyce